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It can be surprisingly difficult to find a source that will supply all of the tools that you need.

MICRO-TOOLS are a company who specialise in watch and camera tools - based in the USA and Germany they offer an on-line catalogue and ordering service.

We have found them to be fast and efficient as well as having a very large range of tools.
Micro-tools European Website

For Light Seals you can do no better than to buy from Jon Goodman of Texas whose 'INTERSLICE' light seal kits contain all the materials that you need PLUS a comprehensive instruction manual.

To purchase them look for 'interslice' on ebay. They cost very little, the service is superb, and if your camera is not mentioned in the manual Jon has a website that is full of detailed instructions for just about any model you can name!
Just click here then click 'items for sale' - you won't be disappointed!
Interslice - Jon Goodman Light Seals

If your leatherette is looking a bit sad, or if you'd like a change to a more interesting covering, try Aki-Asahi- very reasonable costs, fast airmail delivery, superbly accurate cutting for a wide range of cameras, and a wide selection of styles.
Aki-Asahi Camera Covering Kits